Please find a selection of course offerings below.

Private and semi private Jewelry classes are available Monday-Saturday from 10am-7pm. All classes take place at Volksluxus in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

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Becoming a master goldsmith takes years of study and decades of work. Making a finished piece of jewelry is, however, more accessible than one might realize. We take you through the ground steps; melting and alloying metal, pouring an ingot, rolling the ingot thru a mill to make sheet or wire. From there, we work with the material we created to saw, file, shape, and solder the elements into a piece of jewelry. When fabrication is complete, we sand, polish, or patina the work to create a finished piece.

If you have an idea of something you would like to make, please reach out and we can discuss the possibilities and time requirements. If you just want to try your hand at this, we have options for projects that can be completed in the 3- or 12- hour workshops. If the gold crucifix Aunt Doris gave you for your first communion is still collecting dust, we can melt it and make something better.

Information on Partner Ring Workshops coming soon!

Short Intro Course

-3 hour project based introduction classes

-Your choice to make a simple ring or bangle bracelet in sterling silver

-75€ including materials, 65€ per person if joining with a friend


12 Hour Project or recycling Course

-Have an idea or just want to see what metal smithing is all about? This course goes deeper into the processes,
learn the basics of melting, rolling, sawing, filing, and finishing a piece. Setting a small round stone is an option too.

-We can also melt your old jewelry (9k or higher gold, or silver) to create new pieces.

-235€ Plus the cost of silver and stones, 195€ per person if joining with a friend



Wax Courses

-12 hour course split up over at least two weeks so wax can be cast

-learn to carve a ring or pendant, or a stone setting

-235€ and up depending on project, wax and tools included but metal casting costs are the responsibility of the student, 195€ if joining with a friend


Partner Rings

-Create something from your own hands with your partner as a token of commitment.

-We will have an hour design and materials meeting a week prior to the workshop to discuss the best path for your ideas, and make a plan for fabrication. Simple bands can be made in as little as 5 hours, more intricate designs will require more workshop time.

-Starting at 195€ plus materials for 2 people, 1 hour meeting and 5 hour workshop. 30€ per hour for 2 people thereafter.

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