Anna spent large swaths of her youth stringing up beads and making various adornments for herself and loved ones. Although fascinated by the mysterious processes of making "real" jewelry, there was no immediate means of learning such, and the bauble creation was put aside to pursue a career in the film and television industry.

In 2010, after a decade spent working in the prop departments of major motion picture television shows and films, Anna took her first silver smithing class, and has yet to stop. She has studied at Fitzgerald School of Jewelry (New York, USA), The Jewelry Arts Institute (New York, USA), Penland School of Craft (North Carolina, USA), The Rio Grande Institute (New Mexico, USA), and Wolf Studios (Maine, USA). In 2012, Metal Atelier LLC was formed in Brooklyn, New York. 

The grueling hours of film production proved a difficult challenge in also running a one woman jewelery operation. In January 2017, Anna packed up her studio and decamped for Berlin, Germany. She soon after joined Volksluxus, a goldsmithing collective in the Kreuzberg neighborhood, where she remains today.



Unless otherwise noted, all metal is sterling silver. Metal Atelier recycles all of its own silver in house, and buys recycled stock whenever possible.

We use a variety of stone grades, from synthetic cubic zirconia to diamonds.  All pieces which use inverted faceted stones are made with cubic zirconia because it is much more durable than semi precious natural stones, and infinitely more economical than precious stones.